TAStm32 Version 4 (Black Case) with RJ45 Console Breakout Boards

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This is the TAS replay device currently used by TASBot for most NES, SNES, and N64 runs. It also has limited support for Gamecube and Genesis runs.

This project is open-source! You can find the source code, firmware, guides, and more at: https://github.com/Ownasaurus/TAStm32.


Please read the following carefully before purchasing this device!

How is v4 better than v3?

  • Improved signal integrity and proper logic level conversion by utilizing buffer chips
  • On-board LCD screen can act as an input display and more!
  • Can be powered by the NES or SNES
  • Can play NES and SNES TASes from a USB memory stick, eliminating the need for a connected computer
  • TASBot says: “4 is greater than 3”

Where does my money go when I purchase a TAStm32 replay device?

Your money goes to Ownasaurus and Rasteri, the members of the TASBot community who designed and built this device. After recovering their manufacturing costs, they are committed to re-invest the remaining balance into additional TASBot-related equipment – such as soldering tools, flash carts, and more.

What else do I need to play a TAS on my console?

In the past, you needed special custom cables to connect the TAStm32 to the controller port of your console. This can simply be a cut controller cable connected to pin headers or a controller cable spliced to an RJ45 connector. Please refer to this documentation for additional details.

However, included in this order are two breakout NES boards and two breakout SNES boards. These plug directly into the console and allow you to run a normal ethernet cable (patch) between the TAStm32 and the console! No more special cables are needed for NES and SNES! This $40 value ($10 each) is bundled into the cost for only $20 extra.

You will also need either a USB micro cable to connect the replay device to your computer or a USB drive with TAS dumps on it. Please see below for more information.

Sounds pretty simple!

Well… not quite. This device is recommended for advanced users only. This is *not* simply plug and play! You will need to dump TAS runs into a special format (or download a “dumped” run) and then choose the correct parameters for the python script driving the device. Even then, not all runs will sync consistently on real consoles! This is due to a variety of factors including, but not limited to, emulator inaccuracies, inherent nondeterminism (ex: disc read speeds), or perhaps a bug that we have not found yet. With that said, you can find some dump scripts and some pre-dumped runs right here. Please keep this in mind before purchasing this device.

I need help making cables to connect my TAStm32 to my console!

Although none are officially sold on this storefront, several members of the community are willing to guide you through making them yourself or selling them to you. Please feel free to ask on our discord (link below).


Questions, comments, or concerns? Let us know at the TASBot discord!